Reflect is defined as to think, ponder, or meditate. Although I consider reading scripture and prayer extremely important and foundational, I get much of my strength and passion from meditation.

The Hebrew word for meditate is transliterated as Si yach or phonetically spelled, see-akh. It means to muse, to speak, to commune, even to complain, believe it or not. This is what the God of the universe desires most – communion with His creation. He wants to have intimate fellowship with us – to converse and talk together, to interchange thoughts or feelings, and to have intimate communication or rapport. “How could this be?” you ask? I mean, why would the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, the Author of creation, the Great I AM want to spend time with little old you and me? Simple, because He loves us! Although the Lord is transcendent and altogether sovereign, He wants to talk with us.

We were all made in God’s image; however, the world has tarnished that imagery. I hope and pray these teachings will help us to reflect more of Him to the world. Shine on people of God! Shine on!

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