We have established a Messianic Jewish Worship Service at Ramstein Air Base Chapel, Germany to serve the military community. The congregational leaders are Collins and Sesame Aboagye.

G-d connected the Aboagye’s to Mike Hodges, and they served under his leadership when he started Beth Yeshua Germany in 2016. Mike and his family began attending Beth Yeshua in mid-2000, and in 2009 they received an assignment to Ramstein. A couple of years after moving to Ramstein, I contacted Mike and told him the Holy Spirit told me he was going to start a congregation in Germany. On June 16, 2016 that ministry was officially approved by Ramstein’s Chaplain’s Office.

Since July 2022, the Aboagyes have been elevated to lead the congregation, and I am grateful to have them serve with us in the Kingdom of G-d, and be a part of Beth Yeshua international.

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