The focus at Getzel is to help people connect with God, hear His voice, and come to know Him. With that being said, faith without works, has become a spiritual axiom for us personally.

Sound biblical teaching, full of God and God’s truth is our foundation. Helping the poor, the widow, and the orphan is our heart.

Although our teachings literally travel over the globe via live stream broadcasts, video sharing websites, and Internet radio, in the Lord’s infinite grace and wisdom, we have physically traveled to India, Africa, Australia, and Israel. We have also established a ministry at the Ramstein Air Base Chapel in Germany.

All these ministries are nothing short of miraculous; therefore, to God be the glory. We are just so happy and blessed to be a part of it all. We are grateful and hopeful for more opportunities in the future.


Signed, Rabbi Greg


To view pictures from our recent trip to Israel, click on one of the links below:

Herzog HospitalWheelchairs

Neve Michael – Teenage Girl’s Crisis Center | Plaque Dedication – Rabbi Greg 4-22-18

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