I really believe with all my heart that every blood-bought, born again Believer should make a pilgrimage to Israel.  It is not just a vacation, nor just an experience, rather it is an investment in your faith.


You cannot go to Israel and come back the same. What happens when you go to Israel is that your Bible is turned into a 3-dimensional, multi-colored, high-definition encounter.  Going to Israel will help you to know God all the more.  Please, please consider joining us on our next pilgrimage in April 2018.


All travel arrangements will be made through Educational Opportunities (EO).  Register online or call Educational Opportunities at 800.247.0017 to register by phone, Mon-Fri 8:00am – 11pm EDT. A deposit of $600 is due at registration since we have passed the first registration deadline.


Tour: HL18     Date: 041818     Code: H     ID: 57597






April 18-26, 2018



All inclusive price from

Atlanta, GA is $3,596.

Call EO for the cost from

your departure city/country.

The Travel Protection Plan

is optional; details are in brochure.